How to Be
Cool And Thoughtful

Being Cool And Thoughtful means generous, empathetic, and engaged in problem-solving. Personal mindfulness is at the heart of this way of being, and our workshop is designed to help you master your reactions so that you can be optimally present in your daily interactions. 

Reactions are a part of life - it’s not about stopping them from happening, but imagine if you were able to hit pause before those nasty words that you’d later regret slipped out of your mouth? This is the moment of pause we’re after - the moment in which you can powerfully choose how you’d like to respond to the situation at hand. We are out to give you your power to act on good intentions, to speak true to yourself, and make a difference in the conversations that are important to you.

Through facilitated exercises and practices that you can take away with you, the goal of this workshop is to help you be present in any interaction that is important to you, whether that is in your work, with friends, or with the one person that reliably ticks you off.

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