The  Local Economy of Fashion

Fashion - founded 2013 Words: Kerrin Smith


Cool And Thoughtful began in 2013 as a business initiative (CATiD LLC) to shift passive consumerism to responsible global citizenship in the fashion industry. As a brand committed to being "Cool And Thoughtful" in every aspect of the production and consumption of fashion, the original manifestation was grounded in three key inquiries:

1. What does it mean to be Cool And Thoughtful in every element of the production and consumption of fashion when we understand "cool" as being generous and empathetic rather than being narcissistic or passively rebellious, as it is so commonly known?

2. What would a smaller scale economy, characterized by a modest ecological footprint, accountability in business practices, and meaningful interpersonal relationships, look like in the fashion industry?

3. How might a quadruple bottom line of "People, Planet, Profit, Principle" manifest in the fashion industry?

The first answer to these questions manifested as the TEDx talk, The Local Economy of Fashion (linked here).

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