The Gap is Where the Treasure Lives

Fashion - 07.02.19
Jewelry: Prounis JewleryPhotography & Styling: Alexis Badiyi, feat. The Great Eros Models: Desirée Pais & Kerrin Smith

They say that “where you stumble is where you find your treasure,” and that’s true.

But what’s less talked about is The Gap: the space between where you’re coming from and where you’d like to be next, even if you don’t have a clear picture of that yet.


Here, there’s nothing to grasp on to.

Holding the past will only keep you there, but you can’t “get to where you’re going” any faster than the very pace you’re travelling.
We are in between.

When we’re in The Gap, our impulses to grasp on to something to anchor ourselves can come on so strong --

we want it to be a particular way, we need to know ourselves a particular way.

And so we can choose:

in the midst of all the uncertainty, all the urges to latch on to something to identify with, we can contract into the things we already know.

Or we can just wait. And breathe through the space, being patient and curious about what is yet to be realized.

Being open to what’s unknown is the first step towards discovering it.

Rather than reacting to our fear or getting frustrated & impatient, being open means that we are a yes to the universe,
a yes to life, and we become receptive to the unexpected discoveries that can now come our way.

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