The Cool And Thoughtful
Mindfulness Workshop
helps you access & deepen
your own self-awareness
so that you can be 
optimally present in your daily life.

Think back to a time when you wish you’d handled a situation differently or said something you’d take back if you could.

Imagine you had a do-over: what if you were able to let that first spike of emotion pass and then speak from a place of presence that aligns with how you want to be - what would you say instead?

Reactions are a part of life - it’s not about stopping them from happening, but imagine if you were able to hit pause before those nasty words slipped out of your mouth. This is the moment of pause we’re after - the moment in which you can powerfully choose how you’d like to respond to the situation at hand.

Kerrin leads the workshop a few times a year and also works with brands and organizations to offer the experience in their context.  Learn more here; case studies available upon request.

“That was one of the most beautiful conversations I’ve ever had...I have so many people I know that will deeply benefit and find new fulfillment by listening to this conversation. I’m definitely tuning in every time.” - CCS

I am in awe at the event that just occurred...I  have to commend you (Kerrin) for being such an of the main things we’ve realized is your ability to connect and  inspire people in an extremely rare (and Cool And Thoughtful) way. [Another attendee] called us after to say how special it was too. THANK YOU for creating such a beautiful space.” - GEK
Saturday Feb 26 2022
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