Kerrin began offering styling services based
on popular request: Cool And Thoughtful
Styling is being-based style consulting.

This means that rather than focusing first how you want to look, we focus on how you want to be in the world and then craft a style and wardrobe that enables you to reflect that way of being. Of course clothes have the power to shape our experience of ourselves, but we are always the ones wearing the clothes -- conventional wisdom says that the clothes don’t make the person, so instead of turning to clothes to create how you want to feel, we inquire deeply and playfully into how do you want to be in the world? Feelings come and go, whereas being is something you can create, so together, we discover a way of being around which we then build the style, wardrobe, and aesthetic touchpoints that translate that way of being into a daily reality for you.

The Styling Transformation:

︎ You will feel authentically self-expressed in that your style will represent your way of being

︎ You will be empowered to enact that way of being through the clothes you are wearing

︎ You will have the tools to be making aesthetic choices that you are confident about

The 5-part engagement includes:

  • Taking inventory and cleaning out your current closet
  • Discovering your ideal way of being through a Cool And Thoughtful coaching session
  • Curating a moodboard to visually bring this new way of being to life  and shape future aesthetic choices
  • Building a shopping list that translates your way of being into clothes, accessories, and brands
  • Selecting and integrating  new pieces into your wardrobe in a way that leaves you confident in your style choices and delighted with how you are expressing yourself

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