Quotidienne 002 - “Meaning It” Moments

by Xandra Robinson-Burns
photography by Kerrin Smith

A Quotidienne is an everyday action,
performed by one who Really Means It.

When we Really Mean It, we are not going through the motions or reciting the script. If we’re following a trend, or starting one, it’s not on purpose. What we are doing on purpose is being truthful.

Side effects may include appearing to be chic, or appearing to be a cliché. Standing out, but not for the attention.

To Mean It is to make something cool because of the thought behind it. The aesthetic is informed by an authentic message, or simply by love.

One’s personal style is comprised of Meaning It Moments. These are moments when we speak - through an outfit, an action, or words - and we Really Mean what we say.

A Meaning it Moment is never something that we apologise for. It may provoke a glittering look, or a laugh, but we laugh with the moment, not at it.

Here are some of ours:

X wears her jewelled Miu Miu pumps to walk the dog. They are her “slip on shoes”.

K wears her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants jeans out of love. These Levis have been drawn on, stitched back together, hacked with scissors, and deemed “unflattering,” but there’s nothing else she’d rather wear that day.

A true lady of the wilderness, X plots her route across the city via the most trees. Dirt paths preferred.

When K goes dancing she Really Means It. The point is not to look good or to look bad or to attract anything. When a standerby asks “how do you not get tired” she wipes back sweat, “this is my favorite thing to do.”

X write her essays by hand before transcribing by keyboard. As she works out what to say, handwritten words engage her entire being, and are closest to what she Really Means to say.

K adores her Not It Girl It Girl Bag. She wanted the Proenza Schouler PS1 so badly in 2012 that she drew it in her scrapbook. Today it still makes her feel like the original Cool Girl. (It’s pictured above.)

X insists on naming household objects, including her plants. The latest is an Indian Rubber Plant called Ducky.

Xandra Robinson-Burns is an Essayist, and the Founder of Heroine Training.
She hosts The Art Life podcast, and specialises in character development for everyday life.


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