Weekly Love Letter -
On Slowing Down

Culture - 11.09.2019 Words: Kerrin Smith Photograph: Anne Therese Gennari

Therese and I took a moon walk in Central Park - the moon was out in the way that it comes around 5 o’clock in November, and the last of October’s bright foliage was clinging to the trees.

“ You seem so grounded,” I said to her, “which is particularly remarkable because you’re now back in a city that moves so fast and can be so intense.”

“It’s about choosing which energies you tap into” she replied.

“And to do that,” I said, “you have to slow down enough to take stock of the energies - be present with the energies going on around you - and inside of you - to be intentional about which ones to listen to.”



Being Cool And Thoughtful is, in many ways, about slowing down time: slowing down enough to get a sense of what’s happening within you before speaking out in a way you’d later regret, but here, it’s about slowing down enough to survey the pallette of possible ways of being and choosing which ones to nurture.

This is a practice, for it isn’t easy. Our thoughts, our emotions, our reactions happen in the blink of an eye - how can you catch them and choose which ones to honor? It starts with a commitment to listening - listening to the energies inside of you. You wake up in the morning a sea of sensations: anxious about X, replaying Y that happened yesterday, excited about Z in the day ahead and so on. Which one is the loudest? Which one do you wish were louder? Which one do you want to honor?

If you slow down to take stock, you’ll find that you can actually have a choice about which energy to feed, and what way of being you can create that flows from that.

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