Ode to my Proenza PS1

Once upon a time I fell head over heels for the Proenza Schouler PS1. This was the bag that designers Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernanadez “wanted to be really anonymous…the Anti-It bag,” and for two years, there was literally nothing I wanted more. I spent those two years scouring every single source looking for the perfect secondhand one for me (you think I’m being hyperbolic - I’m not). She finally arrived in June 2013, and in the seven years since, we’ve travelled to three countries, road tripped through many more states than that, and lived in eight New York City apartments together.  Her lining is all torn, there are holes in her seams, I’ve lost more decorative vintage brooches than I care to count (for she is always adorned), and even with a gold Chanel bucket bag in the mix now, my PS1 is my favorite for two reasons: because of our stories together, and because I still feel like an original Cool Girl when I carry that bag.

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