Mustering Grace

by Kerrin Smith 

How human it is to find ourselves in one of those spots, the places where perhaps, our inadequacies feel amplified, the circumstances around us feel particularly frustrating, or something is just off and we can’t put our finger on what happened. Wisdom tells us that this is the undulation of life - part & parcel of the ride - but when it’s happening, it feels like the world is ending.
A recent learning: in those sunken moments, the choice is actually clearcut: stay and drown, or wrangle up all the grace you can muster to reach for the things you know will empower you.

The real truth sounds something like this: if you are not willing to try and save yourself, there is no shot of anybody doing it for you.

This is actually not about the doing of the things that will empower you, but rather, about the being of the person who is willing to empower herself.

This then begs the question of what does it mean to “save yourself”?

It means having the courage to take responsibility for your experience of life - you are the one having the experience after all! - and do everything in your power to empower yourself in the face of that. For if you are not responsible for your experience of life, then who is?

If we attribute our experience to other people or to circumstances outside of ourselves, we give our power away. When we muster the grace to reach for our tools, reach for our practices, we begin to claim power in our own lives.


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