Mexico City - A Lesson in Pace

Culture - 04.06.2019 Photography & words: Kerrin Smith

How easy it is to think - to slip into the assumption, rather - that your daily rhythms are the only ones. To think that the pace you’re so used to is the pace of everywhere. Knowing that others ways of living exist is very different from experiencing them yourself -- not just tasting them in a quick stop over, or just recognizing them conceptually, but actually staying somewhere enough long enough to experience a rhythm that is new and different for you. 

In Mexico City, I heard the birds out the window before waking up. It was cool in the morning, perfectly hot in the day, cool again in the evening. Fruit was everywhere. Things were bright and colorful. The point is not to paint a paradise, but rather, to highlight a few simple things that change how you move through your day.

How you move through your day, though, becomes how you move through your life, a point I’ve heard in different expressions many other places, and originally belongs to Annie Dillard in her book, The Writing Life. Living differently opens your eyes to the expansiveness of life and calls into question the aspects of your days that you take for granted, prompting questions around what your conditions for happiness might be, and offering the opportunity to evolve what you think is important to you.

Condesa is a far cry from New York City. I didn’t realize just how nestled I had become in the noise, in the speed, and the quick-this-to-pivot-to-that feeling of New York. I knew it, but I didn’t really understand the extent to which the pace of New York had become baked in my bones.

It’s the intensity of New York that makes it so magical. Everyone is up to something here, and even if it’s not the same thing you’re up to, the shared feeling to striving, pushing, creating, is what creates contditions ripe for collaboration and, counterintuitive to the “New York Attitude,” a powerful feeling of shared experience.

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