Hair Party
by Neil Grupp

A. One size to never leave home without
B. Key ingredients:
C. Argan oil...
D. Lanolin...
E. Beezwax.

Hair Party is formulated by master hair dresser Neil Grupp and is literally the one product you need for your hair. Hair Party makes it easy to be deliberate: whether you’re looking for a salve for a dry scalp or a healthy way to slick back hair (men and women!), Hair Party is it.

Apply to wet, damp or dry hair. Use a little bit to smooth hair or a lot to define hair. As you use, your hair will thank you.

Apricot seed oil, shea butter (organic), argan oil, vegetable wax, local beeswax, lanolin, essential oils of vetiver, white fir, cedarwood, sage, rosewood, niaouli and patchouli.

Saturday Feb 26 2022
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