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Cool And Thoughtful.

Cool And Thoughtful™ is a way of being and a lifestyle ethos that redefines “cool” as being mindful, empathetic, and engaged in generative problem-solving. Cool And Thoughtful is not about any specific issue, and it’s not about what you believe: it’s about how you interact with other people.

Being Cool And Thoughtful means:

being mindful:
noticing when you’re about to react emotionally rather than being present with another person
being empathetic: 
imagining how the situation could look to the other person

focusing on the solution:
thinking creatively about how to solve the problem instead of complaining about it

being cool and thoughtful is about making a difference:

Being Cool And Thoughtful starts with a commitment to your own self-awareness so that you can be present and curious with others, thereby enabling you to make a difference with people through how you interact with them. When you’re able to be present with somebody, you can then start to imagine how the world looks to that person, which is how Cool And Thoughtful defines “empathy,” and then from there, you can design new, holistic solutions that take into account multiple points of view. These kinds of solutions are the ones that have the potential to be real and enduring because they are dynamic.

Cool And Thoughtful manifests being-based impact rather than issue-based impact:

Being Cool And Thoughtful is not inherently ascribed to any specific matter of values, ethics, topics, or positions, but rather, it’s about how you interact with people, especially those who see things differently from you. In the world of Cool And Thoughtful, “the how” is what matters rather than “the what” because being Cool And Thoughtful calls for you to imagine multiple points of view in service of making a difference for others. 

Cool And Thoughtful is created by Kerrin Smith.

As the architect of this ethos, Kerrin is a modern day “girl guru” with over a decade of training in the discipline of ontology, the study of being.  She was a program leader for personal and professional development organization, Landmark Worldwide, and a coach-practitioner-in-training for United Global Shift, a methodology that creates social impact by sourcing from personal wisdom to shift systems and solve problems.  In parallel, Kerrin trained under Niko Canner (a thought leader in business management), serving as his chief of staff and a member of the firm management forum at his strategy consulting firm, Incandescent.

Kerrin graduated summa cum laude from the Gallatin School for Individualized Study at NYU in 2014. She designed her own major, The Local Economy of Fashion, and gave a TEDx talk by the same name that explored how principled business leadership in the fashion industry can shift social values. Her thesis called for the redefinition of “cool” in the ways that now manifest in Cool And Thoughtful.

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