Gratitude is a way of being.

Thanksgiving was hopefully great, so can we use that moment of pause to catapult ourselves into a gratitude practice? Rumi said, let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground, so as we head into the holidays, perhaps we can play with different gratitude practices: a ritual of writing down three things you're thankful for, calling somebody you love everyday, taking thirty seconds after you finish a workout to thank the universe that your body is able to move like that. Gratitude isn't about ignoring what's hard, but about habitually digging deep to appreciate the goodness because there's always light in the dark - both exist at the same time.

In the column that Xandra Robinson-Burns writes for Cool And Thoughtful, we draw out the subtle nuances of what it means to be Cool And Thoughtful by asking each other Loaded Questions. The latest piece unpacks a fraught relationship with intuition through the microcosm of outfit choices and nail polish decisions as practice fields for the bigger decisions. Here's a teaser from X: "Getting dressed should be less about thinking and more about feeling. I no longer own a full-length mirror, and I realised that this helps me to not overthink. A full-length mirror is information overload, distracting me from how an outfit makes me feel. An outfit is most effective when it makes us feel good. If we feel good in the clothes, we will look good too."
Role Models Management is an ethical talent and modeling agency that believes models can be be a voice for good. They represent models who have active social missions, and they partner with brands who are committed to positive social change. There is an ecosystem and community emerging around Role Models that is something special - you can learn more through our profile with founder Anne Therese Gennari - and we're excited to share that founder Kerrin Smith is up on the Role Models Influencers board! 
"Look at the sky, it's the color of love" my aunt's former mother-in-law took photographs of the sky and collected them over many years. This one isn't one of hers (it's fresh of the latest CAT roll of film), but my aunt put one of those sky photos in a little valise she gave me once, a talisman of perspective. I forgot about that ritual until just now, and think it might be a good one to reinstate. Apparently when you look at the horizon, your brain releases serotonin, which basically means that the sky is the best reminder we have of how big life is and how small we are. It's probably wise to remind ourselves of this more often! 
Who says tie dye is just for summer? Definitely not us. Earlier this year we teamed up with Alysa Marie Studio and Alexis Badiyi, who was behind the camera and styling, to capture Alysa's gorgeous custom prints. This was a day full of Girl Magic, sprinkled all over the historic parts of Bed Stuy, and then on the digital pages of Cool And Thoughtful for the editorial, In Rainbows.
December Moods (December already, can you believe it!) - simple skin, creating in the white space, jazzy socks, baked sweet potatoes, oversized wool coats, wearing lots of bracelets, starting a book club, being intentional about being intentional. 
Lastly, in case you're having a hard time trusting life:
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