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You have to go after your dreams.

Here, the size or shape or scale of them doesn’t matter so much as the very act of going after them. You’ll find your self expression here because it’s the ultimate act of being in alignment with yourself: you are listening to that very inner voice that tells you what you want, and then you begin to express that in the world. Just start somewhere, as they say, and stick with it. 

"Modern" surrealism at its finest - Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette (2006). An utter feast for the eyes and for any part of you that loves pretty things. The over-the-top-ness of Versailles set against the grittiness of The Strokes is surrealist in the best way, for the further two things are from each other, the more energy there is between them. Note to self: will start wearing black ribbon necklace à la Coppola x Dunst. 
Ode to Lagerfeld, from an early issue of Self Service Magazine:

Sometimes you need to go clear your head - while the time to do this is always when you realize you need to, it’s even more impactful when you find your head cleared and you didn’t even realize there was a whole lotta junk stuck up there in the first place.

"How can I do this?" you might ask...why, I’m so glad you did! The best way to accidentally clear you head is to Be A Yes to the opportunities and ideas that come your way - and to try saying yes to things that you’d usually say no to.

(Pictured above: Le Bonheur de Vivre by Matisse @ The Barnes Foundation. Go see!)

Thinking Analog, Moving Analog - Ricky Phan shoots photos the old school way: with a Leica (exclusively), by going up to people on the street, and then letting any other projects flow organically from there. There’s no hype and shooting with him is simple: it’s about quality work and authentic interest in creating it. This is how we ended up shooting the above photo, and you should follow him @subjectphan.

CURRENTLY LISTENING: to the World Changing Women podcast - interviews with social entrepreneurs who have actually done it. Setting the Wheaties aside for a bit, because this is a breakfast of champions.
(sorry, had to.)

February moods - finding yourself, creative flow, packing lunch, lilac manicures, freshly laundered hoodies, morning coffee that tastes like Nectar of the Gods, short road trips, honest conversations, horoscopes, Ashanti.

now go rise and shine, sunshine -
the world is yours, and i believe in you:

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