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Resolutions are about being, not doing.

How quick we are to jump to *doing* all the things that will make our 2019 self the best one yet! No new actions, no new results - this is the law of life, but there's more to change than that. Who is the person doing those new things? How are are you BEING as you go about these new actions? It's the being that ultimately carries the day, so try on a resolution that's about being instead of doing. Is it being courageous? Powerful? Generous? Choose one you love, and let that light the way for whatever you want to do this year.

Your brain wants you to listen to this - it's three hours is long, but this conversation between Peter Attia and Sam Harris on the powerful of mindfulness has a girl thinking differently about what the definition of "mental health" could be - and will also leave you, perhaps, with a newfound recognition that our mental experience is a shared one.
Thought for the day - go buy yourself some plants and treat them like your children. They are less expensive, require less work, and (generally) more calm. Strongly recommend!  Abbey Lee does too.
A little late to the party - but better late than never when it comes to Erika Badu. Apparently everyone already knew she's the queen, but I must have been preoccupied with the Sade Fangirl Association (SFA) to take note. Baduizm is uplifting and entrancing all at once...**puts headphones on.**

Green Dreamer Planner - I'd follow girl boss Anne Therese Bengtsson anywhere, so when she told me that she got this planner and it was changing her year already, my hoop-adorned ears perked up and listened. Quite simply, she was right (of course). Kaméa Chayne is host of the Green Dreamer podcast has created a partner in crime for anyone who sees reflection and deliberate action as core components of going after dreams, big and little ones alike. You get to set intentions for the week, step back on what had you be successful in the month, and stay close to what you want to accomplish with daily checklist plans.
T said it was becoming her best friend, and I'd have to agree.


Even if you can hold just 10% of this principle in your mind,
there will be a difference in your experience of life.

January moods (better late than never!)- clear tote bags, perfect trousers, riding your bike nowhere on an unseasonably warm winter day, practicing French, replacing your beauty products, fresh sheets, seeing new friends & catching up with old ones.

and lastly, the keys to the kingdom:

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