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So, what are you learning these days?

  1. Emotions come like tidal waves - they can feel completely and totally all-consuming, but the thing is, they pass. This is hardly a novel insight...but(!) when you practice applying this ebb n' flow mentality to your experience, you can start to get a little space around the things that feel fixed and true and finite. This is one way to practice living in possibility.  
  2. Finding the touchstones that ground you is some of the most important work you can do because it shapes your "Core Operating State" for everything else.
  3. Sometimes a simple manicure is more elegant than a disco one.
Definition of a Spirit City - a place that mirrors what you most value; a city that feels like an embodiment of the things you wish you could express but often keep them cherished inside of you instead. What's yours? 
Currently Practicing - subbing out the last statement about your opinion or experience for a question for the other person. Maybe it’s asking for their opinion on what you were saying, “what do you think? how does this sound to you?” or asking if they can relate, “have you ever had an experience like this?” This practice is amazing because it help get your attention OUTWARD rather than perennially inward, will help strengthen your curiosity muscle, and codify every conversation as a chance to bump out your perspective.
To keep in the Cool And Thoughtful girl’s bag of tricks - turtleneck and tights underneath a slip dress. A favorite girl I know recently busted this one out for an afternoon at the museum that ultimately led to a some pop lock n’ drop after a jazz soirée. It’s literally the most packable, wearable, versatile outfit ever.
TO BE WATCHED IMMEDIATELY: La Picine (1969). Jane Birkin, Romy Schneider, Alan Delon. What else does one really need in life?!?!
December moods - winter whites, Christmas coming early, pink & purple, picking up new hobbies, signature boots, jazz in the morning & rap in the afternoon, old films, running errands in long coats, Pellegrino, thinking about next chapters.
some parting wisdom from two siblings on a bench: 
(...would you sit with them?)

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