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How to overcome agitation:

Get in touch with what you love about your life by asking yourself the very question: "tell me, Self, what do I love about my life?" Mentally walking through these things shifts your center of gravity. Sometimes I find that my direct What-Am-I-Grateful-For Lists have an undertone of "thing X is hard right now, BUT I'm so grateful for Y." In no way is the What-Do-I-Love-About-My-Life question a diminishment of gratitude or the essential role it plays in wellbeing; rather, focusing on what you love is just a different, potential more powerful way to access gratitude: shifting your focus purely to what you love about life has a magnetic pull about it so that you are fully entrenched in the things for which you are grateful. 

What it means to be Cool And Thoughtful in Fashion: I recently wrote this essay to articulate how the Cool And Thoughtful ethos manifests in the world of style. As I explain in my TEDx Talk, The Local Economy of Fashion, practicing sustainable fashion is one way to be Cool And Thoughtful in the world of fashion, however there are others! This piece also gives you a good flavor for what it's like to work together in the Cool And Thoughtful styling work.
My girl crush on Sahar Habibi started a long time ago, and her latest mix for Soulection (a music collective that so beautifully embodies what it means to be Cool And Thoughtful by blending a killer aesthetic with a neutral, positive message about being grounded, creative, and productive) only further seals a deal that was already closed. Fast forward to 7:30 to hear her euphoric flip of Mariah Carey x Cam'ron. 
Morning coffee reading is currently the 80's classic by Louise Hay (not to be confused for a song), Heal Your Body. When Mum or Dad recommends a book, always take that seriously. This one is from Dad, and the idea is that any physical ailment we face is a function of underlying thought patterns. Lousie says that anything you think more than three times is a pattern, and she suggests that we start writing down those thoughts to uncover the patterns they form. Doing this distinguishes your thoughts AS THOUGHTS rather than just "how things are." Noticing thoughts in this way is the first step in constructing a new reality for ourselves.
Celine Sneakers = LOVE LIFE ( the other shoe says LIFE). Phoebe Philo's SS14 collection for Celine is arguably/rightfully one of her best known (if you're nostalgic for this era, @oldceline is essentially worth being on Instagram for), per the above. These sneakers are the obvious verbal incarnation of being Cool And Thoughtful, but also the sartorial incarnation in that they turn literally whatever you're wearing into An Outfit. See below: your girl in her Celines; not pictured: the second ("back up") pair of the exact same sneakers. K, why the heck do you have two pairs of the same piece? Because (a) there isn't another sneaker I'd rather have; (b) they are tragically hard to come by or tragically expensive; (c) if you find an affordable, new version of what you love so much, you simply must pull the trigger! (Runway photo above via Vogue.)
October Moods: appreciating milestones, investing in the right earrings, deliberately taking Thinking Walks, orange morning light, bellbottoms with oversized t-shirts, educating yourself, two-tone manicures, confidence, friends who know your heart, prioritizing good coffee.
Lastly, this is the spirit of all of it:

Mood photo sources: Gucci Fall 2016 campaign shot by Glen Luchford; Abbey Lee Kershaw for So It Goes Magazine Fall/Winter 2016 by James Wright, YSL pendant via Lyst, peonies by Nick Knight; art by Tássia Blanchini; nails by @laurenladnier. I don't own the rights to any of these images, so if you know more about their source or ownership than I do, please let me know!

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