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They say patience is a virtue...

...and this is actually very true. No matter how focused and intentional you might be, sometimes things just take time. How do we keep ourselves energized and in action, even when we’re not seeing the results we’d like to right away? Try this recipe: take a long view, stay in action, think critically. Simple, but not easy! Thinking critically means considering whether you’re doing the right things to add up to your goal. Staying in action (our 2020 theme) means continuing to DO whatever those "right things" might be. Taking a long view means being grateful to be alive, staying calm even when things don't go exactly as planned, and remembering even that if something is taking longer to manifest, that doesn't mean it won't manifest.

We did another Cool And Thoughtful mindfulness workshop @ Melody Ehsani Soho! From a mother-daughter duo, to a fashionista who drove three hours for the event, we gathered on the heels of New York Fashion Fashion Week to experience the kind of real connection that happens when we share ourselves authentically and connect in our shared humanity. Here's a snapshot of the night.
THE BADIYI SISTERS - We did an editorial featuring Alexis and Natasha Badiyi, two sisters working in fashion and film, respectively, who stand for a new way of being in the creative industries: being kind and coming from a place of abundance and generosity rather than fear or scarcity. What would the world look like if this were the spirit running though fashion, film, art…what kind would conversations sound like? How would people be working together? What could we create? What would fashion feel like? Parachute into this world vis-a-vis the full feature here.
Source: --> online database of vintage sneaker ads from 1965-2005. How do you spell incredible?
There's nothing better than slow jamz on a weekend morning - this has been a coffee-morning ritual of late, and the best soundtrack is definitely Sasha Marie's radio show. The album art is to die for (obviously -- see above), and the curation is exactly on point. Check it out here
ONE OTHER EXCITING THING HAPPENING THIS MONTH - is the release of Jordan Kisner’s book! Jordan's writing has been featured in The Atlantic, The New York Times Magazine, and (many) others, the concept underlying the title of her book, Thin Places, speaks directly to Jordan’s magic: there’s Celtic legend that says the boundary between heaven and earth is never more than three feet, but there are places where it’s even closer - these are Thin Places. As Jordan herself says an a forthcoming feature for Cool And Thoughtful, “thin places are where the boundaries of the self begin and end - between yourself and God, yourself and another, yourself and the world. This is a book about that feeling.”
March Moods: white sneakers to wear with everything, getting your skin to glow, earlier sunrises, later sunsets, big breakfast smoothies, Travis Scott remixed by Soulection, green manicures, discovering new rituals, feeling grateful a lot. 



Mood photo sources: via Brooke Persich, Freja Beha Erichson by Cass Bird for Vogue UK January 2014, Chaksyn SS'20 belt, Nike image by @c_l_o, Andy Warhol "Head N•XII" 1985 at #PIASSOMANIA exhibition at the Grand Palais, via Caroline De Miagret, Alberto Seveso art.
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