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Action is the name of the game sometimes.

Of course it all starts with a way of being -- create that first -- but then, Nike definitely got it right: just do it. Your way of being comes alive when you act in accordance with it, so you gotta just go for it, whatever that it is for you. Take the first step even if it seems inconsequential, keep going even if you feel like you're spinning your wheels. Cool And Thoughtful Principle #4 is Action Plus Faith: the two are never mutually exclusive...sometimes more action is needed, sometimes more faith is needed. At the top of the new year, we're giving an ode to action because that's how new things happen.

We are *so* delighted to announce that we're teaming up with Melody Ehsani's NYC store to host our workshop How to be Cool And Thoughtful at the Kenmare location later in January. The tagline on Melody's Jordans - if you knew what you had was rare, you would never waste it - is the whole point of this Cool And Thoughtful workshop: to help us practice mindfulness together so that we can be kind and generous with others. Our people are precious, our relationships are something to be cherished - this is what we're out to honor with this event. 
Currently reading - The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake, which is basically 400 pages about the fashion scene in Paris from the late 1950's though the 1980's. It's actually *the best* (and gives a window into the minds of both Lagerfeld and YSL)... to the point of helping an extra 90-minute subway ride go by in a flash (note to self: whenever you are switching bags mid-day ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR KEYS WITH YOU). One of the best vignettes from the book is how every runway show, Yves would give the model in his favorite outfit of the collection a red heart pendant to wear...perhaps we should institute the same practice for our favorite outfits.... 
...and now for a brief musical interlude (pun intended ofc) - Sasha Marie took over Soulection like a hundred episodes ago and the show is pure rose-tinted gold. Def take a listen. 
A T Wilkinson made a custom piece for Cool And Thoughtful. We were taken with his work right away: digital collages that prompt us to pause for a moment and think about the images & norms we might not otherwise think about twice. This custom collage is of "a truly cool woman, letting go of her ego and love for possessions to save an innocent, the new cool." Learn more in the Cool And Thoughtful feature here, and definitely check out the rest of his work here.
January moods! New beginnings (obviously), vintage black tshirts, hair slicked back, thinking about angels, tiedye orchids, Chinese takeout, early morning working time, cards on your dresser that remind you of what's important.
Here is the recipe for success in the new decade:
now go for it! i believe in you.
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