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We're kicking off another chapter of Cool And Thoughtful - moving the smorgasbord of blog posts out of K's brain, off an old website, and into this nifty new format. Each month we'll share a round-up from the month (usually learnings that range from the esoteric to the imminently wearable), and set the mood for the month ahead. Let the adventure begin...
Girl put your record on - August was all about rediscovering what's definitely the All-Time Greatest Mix: [11] by Eden Hagos. On that Soulection note (puns usually intended), we went to the BEST PARTY OF LIFE thanks to Sahar Habibi and Sasha Marie, where the typical party substances were replaced by incredibly good vibes and an authentically joyous spirit. I don't think we've ever danced so hard. Part of what made this night so good was the female energy - Sahar, in particular, stands out as a woman graciously grounded in her own spirit. We need more cool girls like her.
Cool And Thoughtful x The Babe Universe - Last month we did a collab with The Babe Universe, a community of women on their missions to make the world a better place. Can't say enough good things about this brand - blending fashion, community, and a world-positive orientation, they are one of the best embodiments of what it means to be Cool And Thoughtful, and it's such a privilege to be a part of THEIR mission.
KUSAMA X ROCKAWAY. They say the greater the distance between two things, the more energy there is. When you place a sea of Yayoi Kusama's metallic globes inside an abandoned beach space full of tags by New York's biggest graffiti legends, you get a whole lot of magic thanks to the MOMA.
A fundamental shift in listening - Something we started practicing the month is Listening For What's Wanted. This is less something to *do* and more a way of being that allows you to imagine what’s going on in the other person’s world and what’s important to them. When you listen in like this, you can start to respond in a way that empowers the other person - this doesn’t mean “telling them what they want to hear,” but rather holding a space of keen listening in which that person feels deeply understood. (OG post on Instagram here.)

September Moods:

cool girls on bikes, thinking about Paris in the morning, dancing till your soul flies somewhere else, longer shadows earlier in the evening, zinnias blooming, stepping up & becoming more senior, using your favorite things again & again.
Using aesthetics to shift social values - this concept has long been a part of the Cool And Thoughtful philosophy. We use aesthetics as a way to enroll those who might not otherwise gravitate towards a conversation for social change. For a long time, this took the form of the "Monday Moods" blog posts which were designed to do three things: 1) challenge the cultural associations of fashion photographs by placing "rebellious" imagery in context of generosity and empathy; 2) leverage aesthetics to engage a wide audience in a call for a more empathetic worldview; 3) use rad aesthetics x mindful text to promote the behavior and thinking that defines what it means to practice "cool" as generosity instead of rebellion. Consider this the next gen of that weekly practice.
Lastly, a parting thought to take seriously...

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