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Daily Practices - Week 2...

While the circumstances these days may be extraordinary - and downright horrifying in many cases - the inherent truth of life remains: there is no more certainty or uncertainty now than there ever has been. We never actually know what's going to happen when we wake up in the morning, and to think we do runs contrary to the nature of life. To borrow from many teachers, the only thing that's certain is uncertainty itself; the only thing that we can count on is change. Our life practice is to learn how to flex and flow with that.

Day 7 - mindfulness 
Take a moment to get present before your first sip of coffee in the morning - try Thich Nhat Hanh’s breathing technique: “Breathing in I calm my body, Breathing out I smile.” 
Day 9 - mindfulness 
Practice noticing the details you’d normally ignore - what shape are the shadows? What color is the next car you see? What sounds are in the air right now?
Day 12 - mindfulness
Practice BEING a yes - usually this means *saying* yes to things you’d normally decline, but it also means noticing where you « are a no » and getting curious about that resistance.
Day 8 - aesthetics
Do what you need to do in order to make your space one you love - conjure up your creativity and resourcefulness to have it feel like your slice of heaven.
Day 10 - aesthetics
Be comfortable in your clothes - hardly novel advice, but it’s true: find outfits that allow you to be present in life and delighted to be you.
Day 11 - mindfulness
Believe in magic - that is all.
Daily Practices is a special 30-day series of mindfulness tools and aesthetic tips to help us stay optimistic and intentional when it feels especially hard to do so. If these are making a difference for you, we'd love to hear about it. 
Image sources: Day 7 Hommegirls, Day 8 lrod Lee, “Elrod House - Mitered Glass,” 1968 via Artsy, Day 10  Nike by @c__l__o, Day 12 by Daniel P Cosgrove
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