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Daily Practices - Week 5...the finale!

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to take responsibility for your experience of life. The thing is this: nobody else is having your experience, so if you're not the one generating it, who is? Of course you'll respond to the things happening around you and those can certainly be influential, but as we've been saying, real power is being able to create how you're going to be & act in the face of whatever life throws your way - this is equally as true on a moment-to-moment basis in daily life as it is in the big moments, and so we can constantly practice being intentional with our thoughts (which ones do we want to pay attention to?) to create a daily experience that empowers us and uplifts others.

Day 24 - mindfulness 
Practice making a difference wherever you go - one way to do this is to abstain from gossip, another is to keep your eyes open for unexpected opportunities to be kind and engaged.
Day 27 - aesthetics
Curate what you use so that it feels intentional - this doesn’t mean buying the fanciest products, but it means being thoughtful and deliberate about which ones you go for & love.
Day 29 - mindfulness
The next time something “goes wrong,” see if you can pull out the learning from the experience rather than dwell in the upset - what did you learn? What advice would you give to somebody in the same situation?
Day 25 - aesthetics
Know the icons - find a piece of their legacy that inspires you and weave it into your own vibe.
Day 26 - aesthetics 
Rules for shopping - if you can visualize three different outfits with it, or you love it enough aesthetically to hang it on your wall or put it in your bookshelf, it’s a yes.
Day 28 - mindfulness
Face your fears - if something isn’t working well in your life, look at the parts that are the scariest to you, for that’s probably where the solution lies. You can do it.
Day 30 - mindfulness
Be positive - it sounds trite but it’s true: the way you talk to yourself and to others is what creates your experience, so make the conversation one that uplifts & empowers you and those around you.
Behold the secret to an extraordinary smoothie bowl - freeze bananas and freeze (don't freak out) summer squash and zucchini. Dead serious. Blend 8-10 oz of liquid, a scoop of protein, a frozen 'nana or two, half a frozen squash (along with whatever else you like), and you're gucci. Serve with a spoon and enjoy with this Afrobeats Soulection episode.
Image sources: Day 25 & 26 source unknown via Tumblr, Day 27 Into the Gloss, Day 28 Mackenzie Drazen photographed by Dusan Reijin for Bazaar Japan October 2013, Day 30 Camilo Bustamante.

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