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Daily Practices - Week 3...

The lesson of the week is: it's not so much what is happening, but what you do with it. We might not have a ton of control over the circumstances life throws our way, but we *do* have a say about how we respond to them. Our interpretations of life are automatic: what is the story you're telling yourself about your life right now? About that interaction you just had? About your living situation? Your experience of life is a function of the story you tell yourself about it, and so in a time when it would be very natural to get caught up in despair and agitation, we have an opportunity to practice real power: being present with the facts of life, and then consciously creating how to be and how to respond.

Day 13 - mindfulness 
Look at the sky - Sade said it’s the color of love, and looking at the horizon actually releases serotonin in your brain and helps you remember the big picture.
Day 15 - aesthetics 
Get enrolled in your workout, whatever that means for you. 
Day 17 - mindfulness
What is one problem you've been putting off dealing with or addressing? Go after that one today.
Day 14 - aesthetics
Put stories into your clothes - take that bag everywhere, wear that shirt on those days you might want to remember. Over time you’ll come to love those pieces for their companionship.
Day 16 - mindfulness
Write thank you notes to your people - try doing this every day for a week or two, and watch how your mind starts to orient around gratitude.
Day 18 - mindfulness
The next time something ticks you off, rather thank get swept away in the emotional reaction, ask yourself these questions: "What do I think is causing this issues I'm seeing? What do I think is causing this reaction in me?"
Here are two podcasts that are perfect listening for this time where we are intensely with our own thoughts: Goop's interview with Echkart Tolle is a must for anybody interested interested in becoming more aware and transcending habits of thinking & acting that don't serve them. A highlight here includes two mini-meditations (each take 30 seconds or less) to help us get present in the moment. This quick listen from Lacy Phillips (25 mins tops) focuses more on energy to help us make sense of the experiences of stuck-ness or momentum that we might be having right now. 
Image sources: Day 15 Kirsty Godso, Day 17 MADE OFDay 18 Verge Girl Tumblr.

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