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Daily Practices - Week 1

Welcome to a special series of mindfulness tools and aesthetic tips for how to be intentional and optimistic when it's especially hard to do so. Over these 30 days, we are sharing daily practices (via our Instagram) for how to be Cool And Thoughtful in a moment when staying positive and intentional feels especially hard. You can catch the weekly round up below, with a special addition at the bottom.

Day 1 - mindfulness
When you’re in a conversation with somebody, try to visualize their EXPERIENCE of what they are saying, rather than just listening to WHAT they are saying - what was it like for them?
Day 4 - aesthetics
Customize your jeans - write a love note on the tag, put a patch somewhere, cut the hem, whatever it is for you.
Day 5 - mindfulness
At the end of the day, write down or share one thing you are proud of yourself for doing.
Day 2 - aesthetics
Invest in vintage tshirts that mean something to you - wait for the ones that have the graphics from your childhood, or rep the ageless brands that you especially love.
Day 3 - mindfulness
Practice saying “no” to something in a way that empowers the other person - you do this by acknowledging the *intention* behind their invitation, while graciously declining the specific invitation.
Day 6 - aesthetics
Listen to Sade’s album Love Deluxe a cover-to-cover while sitting on the floor, laying on your floor, or driving. 
The other thing we've learned this week is just how important it is set an intention and then practice that same intention over time. Of course this is said with a mindfulness that people are dealing with things that could make this practice seem impossible, but no matter where you are, the essence of it has power. The mantra we've adopted recently is Peaceful, Productive Days That Make a Difference. It's like a roadmap: Peaceful - what is there to be grateful for today? Productive - what thing, tiny or big, did you move forward or accomplish today? Days That Make a Difference - what conversation or interaction made a difference for another person today? It's a daily checklist that makes a difference for you and for others.
Image sources: Day 1@lacooletchic, Day 3 Drake album art via Pinterest, Day 4  @off____white SS16 via @lacooletchic, Day 6 Sade Adu, by Jean-Claude Deutsch 1985. 

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