Cool Girls on Bikes

This is my beloved bike, Lila. I feel like the coolest version onf myself when I ride around New York on her, passing my own test which is: if I saw me, would I wnat to be me? The answer is almost always yes when Lila is involved. Interestingly, one of the first posts I wrote back in something like 2011 when Cool And Thoughtful was a fashion blog  (OG, y’all) was about “cool girls on bikes” as the first incarnations of what it meant to be Cool And Thoughtful well before I had even thought about codifying Cool And Thoughtful as an ethos and way of being. 

︎ Soundtrack: Soulection x Paris La Nuit (European Tour Mix)
Lila  - Summer  2018 & Kerrin, Grace, and Lila - October 17, 2020

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