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Cool And Thoughtful™ is a way of being and a lifestyle ethos that redefines “cool” as being mindful, empathetic, and engaged in generative problem-solving.

Being Cool And Thoughtful starts with a commitment to your own self-awareness so that you can be present and curious with others, thereby enabling you to make a difference with people through how you interact with them. When you’re able to be present with somebody, you can then start to imagine how the world looks to that person, which is how Cool And Thoughtful defines “empathy,” and then from there, you can design new, holistic solutions that take into account multiple points of view. These kinds of solutions are the ones that have the potential to be real and enduring because they are multifaceted and inclusive rather than dominating. This is the Cool And Thoughtful Theory of Change for creating a world in which mindfulness and empathy are core social practices. 

As a brand, Cool And Thoughtful promotes critical thinking and empathy in fashion culture. Cool And Thoughtful manifests being-based impact rather than issue-based impact: being Cool And Thoughtful is not inherently ascribed to any specific matter of values, ethics, topics, or positions, but rather, it’s about how you interact with people who see things differently from you. In the world of Cool And Thoughtful, “the how” is what matters rather than “the what” because being Cool And Thoughtful calls for you to imagine  multiple points of view in service of making a difference for others. Cool And Thoughtful exists for you: use it a way to create solutions to the problems that matter the most to you - regardless of scale - by thinking critically rather than reacting emotionally and by seeking to understand rather than jumping to a judgement or opinion.

Cool And Thoughtful is created by Kerrin Smith.

Since 2011, Kerrin has been on a mission to redefine “cool” such that it means being mindful, empathetic, and engaged in generative problem-solving, rather than narcissistic and rebellious. Her 2014 TEDx talk The Local Economy of Fashion began exploring what this transformation could look like specifically in the fashion industry, and has since grown to be industry and issue agnostic. Kerrin has nine years of training in transformational personal and professional development methodologies, ranging from a three-year commitment as a program leader for ontologcial education program Landmark Worldwide, to serving as a Coach-Practitioner-In-Training for United Global Shift, a technology to source from personal wisdom to shift systems and solve problems.

As the architect of the Cool And Thoughtful brand and ethos, Kerrin has intentionally curated her experience in sevice of helping mindfulness, critical thinking, and empathetic communication become core social practices. This experience ranges from her role as the Chief of Staff to a top business thinker focused on “white space” problems in business management, to her practice with spiritual master Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi Mishra, and the study of thinkers like Pema Chodron and Ken Wilber.  Kerrin graduted summa cum laude from NYU’s Gallatin School for Individualized Study, where her thesis argued for transformtion the definition of  “cool” in the ways that now manifest through Cool And Thoughtful.

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