Beads by Wahibs x
Cool And Thoughtful
$50 // $20

A. Semi-precious gemstones
B. Set of three
C. Wear just one

Full Set of 3

Pick Just 1

This collaboration is inspired by the idea that you can be playful and elegant at the same time. Color, fun, whimsy are not mutually exclusive with being tasteful, sophisticated, chic. Beads By Wahibs x Cool And Thoughtful is about that balance. Made from semi-precious gemstones, each bracelet is intended to be something you have forever – something of quality, while also adding the kind of playful pop to an outfit that reminds us why we love style in the first place: for the joy and imagination that it can unlock if you let it. Wear these with a joyful spirit and wear them forever.

Beads By Wahibs is a London-based brand founded by Wahiba Semali. These pieces are hand-strung, feature upcycled beads and charms, and are playful and chic. 

These sets are a limited edition and made exclusively with Cool And Thoughtful.

Saturday Feb 26 2022
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