Cool and Thoughtful™ is an iniative to redefine what “cool” means in the fashion industry as being generous, empathetic, and engaged in creative problem-solving.

We believe that this shift begins with personal mindfulness, and at the heart of that is one core practice: becoming aware of your reactions so that you can speak and act from a place of presence rather than upset.

We believe that when we can be present with each other, we can then better imagine how the world looks for the other person, and from there, we can begin to think about solutions together in a new way. This is our theory of change. 

We work with brands to help them manifest the Cool And Thoughtful ethos in a way that is true to them, offering brand activations that bring these values to life for their customers. We create original content that illustrates what it means to live life in a Cool And Thoughtful way, and also create  editorial work with & of people who embody the ethos. 

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