Cool And Thoughtful™ is a way of being and a lifestyle ethos that redefines “cool” as being mindful, empathetic, and engaged in generative problem-solving. Cool And Thoughtful is not about any specific issue, and it’s not about what you believe: it’s about how you interact with other people.

Being Cool And Thoughtful means:

(1) Being Mindful: noticing when you're about to react emotionally rather than being present with another person

(2) Being Empathetic: imagining how the situation could look to the other person

(3) Focusing on the Solution: thinking creatively about how to solve the problem instead of complaining about it 
How: We bring this ethos into the world through the magazine, brand curation, and exculsive collaborations those who embody the Cool And Thoughtful aesthetic and ethos. 

Our brands embody the intangible things like intentionality, attention to detail, optimism, care, and true originality. A Cool And Thoughtful brand lives attributes that, when extrapolated into other areas of life, could make a difference in how you live.

We also offer a mindfulness workshop, “How to Be Cool And Thoughtful,” that focuses on the skills of being present in your daily life. We offer these for private groups and in select contexts. To learn more, please inquire here.

Cool And Thoughtful is founded by Kerrin Smith, a “modern day girl guru.” How can we harness the power of things that look and feel *just so cool* to promote a postive, productive way of interacting with each other? This is the question that animates Cool And Thoughtful as K’s self-proclaimed “life’s work.” Trained as a chief of staff in management consulting, Kerrin also consults on a handful of brand & strategy projects. To learn more, reach out here.
Saturday Feb 26 2022
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