A T Wilkinson

07.07.2019 - Ethos Words & Images: A T Wilkinson


When it is easier than ever to take images for granted,
A T Wilkinson offers an invitation to think twice about concepts we live & breathe... 

A custom piece for Cool And Thoughtful:
“a truly cool woman letting go of her ego and love for possessions to save an innocent, the new cool.”
What motivates you?

Motivation is an interesting word because it usually presupposes a need existing beyond the self to drive one’s actions. Some artists create for the joy of making, others with an intention to evoke change, some wish to speak to audiences, others wish to disrupt, and all these purposes share the similarity of wanting to communicate something. So I suppose that my desire to speak in ways that I see are missing in the cultural conversation has been a key motivation, but not only this.

What is the intention of the art you make?

My art has the same goal or intention that poetry or fine narrative has, this being to invite people into worlds that don’t of themselves exist exactly as they are depicted, in order to show them something about reality that is self evident but easily disregarded.

“Title: XX84 (N0. 2 In new Series: Yea, I’ve Said It) — Have you bought into the dream? do you think like the group? feel injustice is done like the media feels? have goals that are related to becoming a millionaire and are depressed that you aren’t one yet?”

Is there any text, thinker, artist, book (etc.) that has been particularly influential for you?

All of my influences would be obscure and probably bore you. But some good relevant books that have influenced me are: Status Anxiety by Alain De Botton, Triumphs of Experience by George Vaillant. Wisdom of Sirach by Ben Sira. Relevant Thinkers: Pierre Bourdieu, Thorstein Veblen and Seneca the Younger. Artists? I have no true favorites here but appreciate many for particular strengths.

I think Princess Diana personifies the Cool And Thoughtful ethos masterfully, her heart inspires me as a pop cultural example.

How would you describe the core message (or messages) of your work?

Justice and truth are my muses, so my core message is and has always been to embrace honesty about life even when it’s ugly, and to find the ugly truths within what is exalted as beautiful.

The world is filled with so much veiled truth and hideous injustice that to show reality in ways where people are able to see it without their learned obstructions is a core goal of mine.

“Title: Sand Castles (N0. 6 in series: Fashion as Language) — This piece is a meditation on the importance of permanence.” 

What is the role of fashion in sparking social change?

Fashion is at the center of life and plays a role in defining personhood in ways that many don’t deeply consider. The fashion industry and its ties to classic notions of refinement or good taste make using its symbols to question where taste and refinement have gone, appropriate. With this in mind, because many are focused on the powers fashion is supposed to grant, using it as a way to speak about our value system is almost required.

Fashion is a great method to evoke social change because it is universally recognized as a valuable art and possession.

His portfolio lives here, where you can continue this journey.

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